When you first bring home your bundle of joy (or little terror), the choice of all the different foods can feel overwhelming. Knowing what to feed your dog is an important decision to make as it will support them throughout the rest of their life. That’s why this Pet Appreciation Week we’ve put together a few pointers for a healthy meal plan for dogs…  

Is dry or wet food better?

As long as you chose a food that is properly balanced and complete, there is no nutritional difference between wet and dry food. This means you can safely choose either, or a combination of the two, based on your dog's preferences and your financial circumstances (wet food tends to work our more expensive).

There is some evidence that feeding dry food helps to maintain good oral and dental health, due to the mechanical cleaning action that occurs when the kibble is crunched on. Some dogs benefit from wet food as it helps to increase their water intake, especially those suffering from, dehydration, urinary or kidney disease but you can always add a little water to kibble if you’re worried about this. OMNI is a great dry food option that will keep your dog happy and healthy.

Is it better to home cook my dog's food?

It is possible to home cook your pup’s food, but it’s very difficult to get the correct nutrients. For a waggy tail, it’s super important to make sure that your dog is getting all the nutrition they need so we believe that it’s preferable for this to be left to the experts. OMNI is a plant-based dog food formulated by highly qualified vets and nutritionists with decades of experience and is 100% nutritionally complete. This means you can have peace of mind that your pup is getting everything they need to thrive. Another top tip is to keep your eye out for “fixed-formula” dog food, as these have more constant ingredient sourcing and can help to avoid gastrointestinal upset in sensitive dogs. You can learn more about the importance of fixed formula pet food in our most recent blog.

Does my dog's diet change with age?

It most certainly does. As your dog gets older, their nutritional needs will change. Therefore, making sure you get the correct life stage food is essential to support your pup throughout their development and life span. That’s why at OMNI we have formulated our Puppy, Adult and Senior ranges to take care of your dog and bring them the best, whatever stage of life they are at. 

How can I change my dog’s diet?
Now that you’ve upped your knowledge on what to feed your dog, you may be thinking about changing your dog’s diet. To avoid upsetting your dog’s stomach, the key is to do this slowly. At OMNI we make it easy with this handy chart…

Eating Guide

Time to fuel up

Treat your pup this Pet Appreciation Week by getting them a healthy dog food that dogs like. With OMNI it couldn’t be easier. Our subscription means that you can get OMNI delivered straight to your door so you never run out of dog food again. Not only that, you’ll get a bespoke 6-month health plan and a monthly video call with our vet team. Put your paws in the air for a healthy happy pup!

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