It’s National Camping Month and with warmer weather approaching (paws crossed) we’re all itching for a summer holiday. But most doggo parents know that finding somewhere for your pooch to go while you’re on your jollies can be quite difficult. Well, why not take them with you? You’ll have your best friend with you on your adventures and they’ll have the best time. Don’t worry, we’ve got all the tips for camping with pets covered. Let’s dive in 😄

Practice makes perfect 

If a tent is new to your pup, it’s a great idea to get them used to what will be their home for the weekend. Pitch your tent in your garden and leave your doggo to explore. You can even pop some treats in there so they make positive associations with the tent. Why not grab a handful of OMNI? Our plant-based dog food is absolutely delicious, so your pup will be loving your tent in no time. This means that when National Camping Month approaches your dog will feel comfortable in and around the tent.  

Wrap up warm

Despite National Camping Month being in June, in the evenings it can still get rather chilly. Remember, your pup is used to sleeping in a nice warm house so it’s super important to make sure they are comfortable and warm. So, when camping with dogs make sure to take lots of blankets that they can snuggle up with at night.

Home from home 

Camping with pets is great, but it does disrupt their usual routine. Adding a little bit of familiarity may just help your dog settle. One of the ways you can do this is by replicating their bedtime. If they sleep in a crate at home consider bringing a collapsible crate for them to sleep in. Or an easy win is to bring their own bed or favourite toys with you. 

Dinner time

After busy days exploring, your doggo is going to be ready for a delicious meal at the end of their day. Why not give OMNI a try to fuel their adventures? We are a great healthy dog food option, which is highlighted in these customer-reported benefits…

  • Shinier coat
  • Fresher breath
  • Better toilets 
  • More energy

It’s a great idea when camping with pets to bring the bowls that they usually eat and drink out of as some dogs prefer this. Get the OMNI you need for your trip in advance with our subscription service; delicious plant-based dog food delivered straight to your door. Not only that, you will have access to a bespoke 6-month health plan and a monthly video call with our vet team. Ready to have a plant-powered pup?

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