A fixed formula pet food simply means that every time a new batch is made it contains exactly the same ingredients. Simply put, each time you buy your pup’s food there are no major differences. Now you may be asking why this matters? Or what is the best fixed formula pet food that you can feed your dog? Let’s dive in and take a look at how we can keep your pup happy and healthy….

Why fixed formula is pawsome!

You may have noticed that when you change your dog’s diet a little their toilet’s are not the most pleasant. This is because they are not used to digesting the new food. This could even be triggered by different batches of the same food, which is why fixed formula pet food is super important! For dogs with gastrointestinal sensitivity, a variation of ingredients can cause gastrointestinal upset. So a good thing to look for when choosing a pet food is a declaration that the food is made to a fixed formula, which is common in healthy vegetarian food for dogs. 

Over in the meat dog food industry….

The same cannot be said for many meat-based foods which are made to an “open formula”. This is because the main protein sources can vary greatly between batches, depending on availability and price. In these foods, one batch may contain mainly poultry meat, the next mainly another source e.g. pork. Your pup may have trouble digesting this causing gastrointestinal upset.

Good news!

Did you know that dogs are omnivores (1)? They have 30 copies of the AMY2B gene responsible for digesting plant-based foods (2). This means healthy vegetarian food for dogs are not only digestible but super healthy for them too. Multiple health benefits have been reported for dogs on plant-based diets such as improved weight control, decreased incidence of cancer, decreased infections, diabetes regression and better skin/coat quality and odour (3). Ready for a happy healthy pup? Make the switch to plant-based dog food.

We’ve got you covered 

You may be searching for good vegetarian protein sources for dogs. Look no further, because OMNI is made up of 30% protein and is a fixed formula pet food. Get those tails wagging with reported benefits like…

  • Better breath
  • Shiner coat 
  • More energy 
  • Better toilets
OMNI is a great healthy vegetarian food for dogs because with our subscription you can get it delivered to your door. You will also have complimentary access to our bespoke 6-month health plan! Dig deeper into your dog's health and welfare needs over a monthly video call with our expert vet team. Check out our nutritionally complete Puppy, Adult or Senior range and give your pup the food they deserve.

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