Our Kibble Packaging

Sustainability is extremely important to us at Omni, and even in the short period since launching we've already had a massive positive impact by reducing the amount of meat being fed to dogs in the UK. We've also been on quite a journey with our packaging. We originally started with all paper bags, however we found that some of the essential oils were leaking from the bags so we had to change to a temporary non-recyclable option to ensure the freshness of our yummy food. Since then we have been working very hard to integrate a more sustainable, long term packaging solution.

We are now very excited to announce that our Kibble packaging meets the following environmentally-friendly specifications:

  • Able to go into your paper recycling*
  • Plastic-free
  • Made from paper sourced from sustainable forests
  • Made form 100% industrially compostable materials

    Thank you for your support and understanding, paws up to a future that's kinder to the planet! 

    *We always recommend that you check any recycling specifications with your local authority.