How does £5,000 for 5 days’ work sound? Pretty good? Well, if you think so then look no further as we may have the job for you.

Here at OMNI we don’t use unwanted animal by-products and left overs that most dog food brands use. We aim to smash the rules out of the park with tasty, plant-based ingredients that humans would not only eat but would enjoy. Think sweet potatoes, lentils, brown rice, pumpkin, blueberries, peas and cranberries - all of those sound pretty darn good, right?!

We believe in our food so much that we’re going to put our money where our mouth is and are looking for someone to eat dog food - and nothing else - for 5 days and want to pay them £5,000 to do so.

And trust us when we say we’d even eat OMNI food ourselves. We’re sure many other dog food producers wouldn’t!

In a society with a lack of education around diets for dogs, we understand there is a pre-existing and negative misconception about feeding your dog a plant-based diet. We hope that by hiring someone to change their diet, we can communicate that, where plant-based dog food is concerned - it’s good enough for humans so why not our dogs?

For the role to be successful we will ask the taste tester to record their experience of the temporary diet change, monitoring how they feel when carrying out the challenge - such as energy levels, comfort and bowel movements. We will provide a questionnaire for our new hire to fill in.

In return for the diet change and their work, we will pay the successful candidate £5,000 for the 5-day job role and will provide all food expenses, plus the taste tester will have access to a registered dietician throughout.

We will also complete optional health tests on the candidate before, during and after the experiment to ensure they are maintaining good health but also to monitor how the diet is affecting them.

A selection of plant-based dog food will be provided to ensure the candidate has a varied meal plan, all using a variety of current and as yet unreleased OMNI dog food and ingredients.

Job applications close on 31st May as we hope to hire someone early June. So, if you fancy making some money while helping us to prove to the world that our food is tasty and premium enough for humans as well as dogs, please apply here: