You never need an excuse to show your dog you love them, but this National Love Your Pet Day you may want to give your pup some extra attention. So what makes your dog tick? Let’s get those tails wagging shall we…

The key to the heart is food 

There’s a reason why date night normally involves dinner - good food makes us happy. Guess what? It’s the same for dogs too. But don’t just give them a new treat, show your dog you love them by swapping to a healthy, delicious plant-based dog food! 

Vet approved and formulated, OMNI is high protein (30% - more than most meaty dog food!) and provides all the necessary nutrients for your pup to thrive. It’s also a great option for meat-free lunches or as a mixer, OMNI is the perfect healthy dog food for picky eaters. 

With our Puppy, Adult and Senior ranges, we support your pup whatever stage of life they are at. We even have an ideal healthy senior dog food, taking care of the changing nutritional needs of your pup as they age. Choose a subscription package and get tasty, healthy plant-based dog food delivered to your door! 

Be their best self 

Know the feeling of leaving the salon and looking fresh? Treat your pup to it too by booking them in with the groomers this National Love Your Pet Day. 

Not only will they look amazing, but grooming is also vital to prevent matting, remove dirt and dandruff and give your dog a healthy coat. Pair regular grooming with OMNI, as we are an ideal option for good food dog for skin and coat, and help to keep your pup looking and feeling their best self. 

Gift please 

A new toy may be the go-to this National Love Your Pet Day and that’s pawesome! But why not show your dog you love them by choosing a toy that gives them a mental workout too? 

Enrichment activities are the perfect way to keep your pup entertained for hours. We love to use either a KONG or snuffle matt with OMNI to mix up mealtimes and keep things interesting for your clever doggo!

All they want is YOU

Dogs are social animals and your companion, so the best way to show your dog you love them is by spending time with them. Whether that’s going for a walk, a trip to your dog-friendly cafe, play-time or teaching them new tricks (pro-tip OMNI is a great plant-based dog food you can use as a reward) they will love engaging with you. 

So this National Love Your Pet Day set aside some time to spend with your dog - after all you are their very best friend.

We want to celebrate our four-legged friends every day of the year (because let’s be honest they make every day that little bit brighter), but we hope you find a way to show your dog you love them this National Love Your Pet Day. 

We’d love to see what you end up doing - tag us on Instagram @omnipetfood and connect with our wonderful community of happy dog parents! 

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