If you’ve been with us for a while, you’ll know the importance of a balanced, nutritious diet for your dog. (If you’re new here, you can check this blog out for more info). What you may not know is the importance of the cooking process. We’re going to cover exactly why a cooked, plant-based dog food is better for your pooch, so they can stay happy and healthy.

Why all the fuss?

People have been feeding their dogs raw food since forever, right? That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s safe. In fact, multiple popular raw meat diets have been found to be contaminated with harmful microorganisms like Salmonella and Listeria monocytogenes which can easily be removed with cooking. These germs can make dogs seriously ill and can be passed onto humans too - remember dogs eat their food, then lick their coats to groom themselves then we cuddle and pat them and voila, the germs spread to us and members of the household. Symptoms can range from vomiting and diarrhoea on the milder end, to far more serious complications if left untreated. We don’t believe it's worth the risk, especially because there amazing cooked alternatives out there, like OMNI. 

Bye-bye bacteria

In order to avoid contaminants, heat is key. Not too much heat, though, as this can reduce the nutrient content of the food. Choosing a cooked product over raw helps ensure your furry friend is fed as safely as possible.

At OMNI, our premium ingredients are gently steam-baked to 90°C. This allows us to get rid ofnasty pathogens, while maintaining the vitality of the ingredients. There’s no need to compromise on meeting all your pet’s nutritional needs, nor on great taste. 

Cooking has also been shown to increase the digestibility of certain ingredients like peas, which is great news because it makes them more bioavailable for your dog to utilise for that energy packed walk in the morning.

What’s in the bag?

Our mystery ingredients really aren’t that much of a mystery. In fact, they’re probably things you’ve eaten in the past few weeks. Things like:

  • Pumpkin - rich in vitamin A and zinc, pumpkin is great for your dog’s skin and coat. With high amounts of cucurbitacin, it may help prevent dog parasites and expel worms.

  • Brown rice - a wholegrain which contains omega-3 oils, iron and B vitamins

  • Blueberries - a superfood packed full of antioxidants and vitamins C and K for immune support

  • Peas - an easily digestible, fibre-rich form of protein for dogs which also helps promote muscle growth

These nourishing foods keep OMNI packed full of goodness, ensuring your dog  is getting complete nutritional meals  with a lower risk risk of bacterial contamination.

Healthy and safe

We want the best for your dog, and that means we try to keep it totally transparent. OMNI’s plant-based dog food provides:

  • Balanced healthy meals 

  • A high-protein recipe, backed by science

  • A convenient  dog food home delivery

  • Peace of mind that you’re keeping your dog and the planet, safe

And most importantly…

  • Happy pups (and happy hoomans, too)

Over to you

Whether you decide to switch to OMNI or another top rated healthy dog food, hopefully this blog leaves you better equipped to make a more informeddecision for your best bud. 

Subscribing to OMNI lets you have peace of mind. You get delicious, healthy dog food delivered straight to your door so you never run out. Joining the community also gives you access to free vet consultations, meaning the experts are always on hand and you get to save more ££. Let’s keep your doggo at their best!    

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