Have you ever wondered “does my dog want their own New Year's resolutions”? Well, you probably haven’t, but it’s a great idea! While you're writing your list on how to be your best self in the upcoming year, maybe jot some ideas down for a happy,
healthy dog in 2022 too. Need some inspiration? We’ve got you covered with these tips that are bound to get their tails wagging…

Healthy, Inexpensive Dog Food

If every year, you put “eat healthy” on your resolution list and it lasts until the second week of January, your pup doesn’t need to suffer the same fate. Giving your dog healthy, inexpensive dog food couldn’t be easier with OMNI. 
With our subscription package, you can get tasty, healthy plant-based dog food delivered straight to your door. Simply choose from our Puppy, Adult or Senior range and make sure every meal is nutritionally balanced for your pup (even if you have a cheeky takeaway every now and again). 

Our OMNI Golden Years recipe is also the perfect healthy dog food for overweight dogs with just 7.5% fat and is great for keeping your best friend feeling and looking their best self!

Exercise For Dogs

With the healthy dog food for overweight dogs sorted, we need to make sure we’re keeping our pups fit and healthy through their lifestyle. In January, many of us are dragging ourselves out of bed in the morning to go to the gym, but what are you doing for your doggo?

Now’s the time to make sure you're smashing dog exercise out of the park. Not only will these keep you both fit and healthy, exercise for dogs helps to provide mental stimulation, reduce anxiety and can even help with behavioural issues and increase doggy confidence (1)!  

Eat Veggie

Many of us hoomans choose a veggie alternative a few times a week (this is called a flexitarian diet), and we can do the same for our dogs. Plant-based dog food is not only better for the environment, but it’s also great for your pup. Every little helps to bring some of the health and environmental benefits of plant-power to mealtimes, and dogs just love the variety too.

Now, many of you may be thinking, “Is it natural for my dog to eat plant-based dog food?” and we have the answer! Simply put - yes it is. Pet food only has to contain 4% of a meat-like ‘chicken’ or ‘beef’ to be labelled as such (2). 
It gets even more shocking because the rules allow for this 4% to be made up of animal derivatives like bone meal, lard and feathers and then the rest is often bulked up with cheap fillers like corn (3). This means millions of dogs are already eating mainly plant-based diets but with low-quality ingredients. 

Make the switch to OMNI and give your dog high-quality protein-rich diets that contain delicious plant-based ingredients for a healthy dog. You don’t even need to do this for every meal, to begin with, you could try one meal a week and see how much your pup enjoys a flexitarian diet! Stay healthy and reduce your carbon pawprints together.

Have More Me-Time

We certainly want to do more of what we love this year and we bet your pup does as well! Me-time for you may be a long pamper evening, but why not help make your doggo feel their best self too? While you're doing your facemask, feed your pup OMNI. Thanks to the healthy OMEGA 3 and 6 we pack into our recipes, we are the best dog food for a healthy coat so they’ll be getting lost of positive attention in no time.
Remember dogs are social animals, they love to play with you and other pups. For a happy, healthy dog, make time to pay attention to your pup or take them somewhere to socialise with their doggy friends (psst… this is a great way to tire them out too)!

Learn Something New

While you might be learning a language or reading a book, it’s time to give your dog some brain exercise too! For a happy, healthy dog that’s mentally stimulated, enrichment activities are perfect. 

We love hiding their meals to make dinner more stimulating, using KONGS or even snuffles mats. You can even scatter their food on the grass for an interesting meal. OMNI is great for a challenging meal because it is absolutely delicious. Their little noses will be sniffing out our plant-based dog food in no time! 

Now you and your pup are feeling that New Year’s motivation, we can’t wait for you to get started on these resolutions! A happy, healthy dog is waiting for you in 2022. We’d love to see how you’re getting on - tag us in your OMNI resolution pis on Instagram @omnipetfood and connect with our wonderful community of happy dog parents!

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