6 Ways To Keep Your Dog Happy this International Day of Happiness

Let’s be honest; a happy dog is a happy owner. There’s nothing better than seeing your 4-legged friend living their best life. Not only that, making sure your dog is happy and healthy is part of being a responsible owner. While different dog breeds and ages will require different needs, we’ve put together a few general ways to keep your dog happy. Let’s get some tails wagging, shall we? 

Let’s go on an adventure

We all know that regular walks are key to keeping your dog physically healthy. However, this is also a great opportunity to provide some mental stimulation and bond with your pup. Discovering new places such as parks, woods or trails and giving them plenty of time to sniff and explore will give you a very happy dog. Packed full of essential protein and nutritionally complete, OMNI is the perfect affordable healthy dog food to fuel your pup on their adventures. 

Keep the praise coming 

Praise and rewards are key to keeping a positive relationship with your dog. Dogs are sociable animals and love interaction so both physical and verbal praise is one of the ways to keep your dog happy. This positive reinforcement training will also benefit you as it puts you on the path to a well-behaved doggo. OMNI is a great reward for your pup as it is top-rated healthy dog food, whilst being absolutely delicious. 

Make inside fun

Does your pup love toys? Maybe they like playing with you. Toys and play are a great way to keep your dog entertained when they are in the house. Enrichment activities are also key to keeping your pup mentally stimulated. Why not try hiding OMNI around the house for your pup to sniff out? Teaching your dog a new trick is also one of the ways to keep your dog happy and stimulated. Remember to keep training sessions short and engaging with lots of yummy rewards like OMNI and you’ll have one happy dog.

Quality time

We get it, life can be busy, but make sure you're putting some time into your schedule to spend with your dog. Petting your dog actually can decrease any stress or anxiety whilst increasing oxytocin strengthing the bond that you have. Not only will you have a happy dog, it will make you feel good too as stroking a pet is proven to release oxytocin in humans. That’s a lot of love this International Day of Happiness!


Up your knowledge

One of the ways to keep your dog happy and healthy is all about knowing what they need. Being a responsible owner means getting clued up on how to take care of your dog and keep them safe. Need some extra tips? Check out the knowledge hub for all your doggy needs. 

All about the food 

We all know that food is the key to a happy dog. But to keep them happy and healthy, it has to be the right food. OMNI is the perfect healthy meal plan for dogs. Just choose from our Puppy, Adult or Senior range and you can get OMNI delivered straight to your door. As a plant-based dog food, we keep your dog healthy whilst keeping the planet happy too! Give your pup the food they deserve. 

What makes your dog tick?

Do you have more tips on what makes your dog happy? As always we’d love to hear them. Join the community of dog parents on Instagram @omnipetfood and share your wisdom with fellow dog lovers. 

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