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A 2006 robust study published in the journal Nature proved what we’ve suspected for decades, dogs are omnivores. They have evolved over 30 genes that allow them to digest plant-based foods. Stool sample analysis has shown that this occurred over 8,000 years ago.

We also know that, relative to their size dog’s intestines are also almost as long as ours. They have much higher concentrations of an enzyme (glucokinase) needed to utilise carbohydrates like other omnivores, not low levels like obligate carnivores. This is why they are able to absorb all the goodness plants have to offer.  


The sad reality is that dogs don’t live long enough, with average life expectancy thought to be around 11 years of age. One survey based study that looked at the median life span of dogs on plant-based diets, found it to be almost 13 with one dog in the study reported to live to 19 without meat*.

In addition, some of the longest living dogs on record were vegetarian. This includes Bramble, the border collie that lived to 25 and broke the world record for oldest dog.

*People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Dog Health Survey. [Accessed on 3 June 2021] 

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It’s hard to imagine a population of dogs put under more physical strain than sprint racing Siberian Huskies. Not only do they have to carry heavy loads as they sprint long distances, they have to do this at sub-zero temperatures.

In a 6 month study that followed two groups of Siberian sled raising Huskies fed either a plant or meat-based diet no significant differences were found between the two groups in terms of clinical parameters, blood work or physical performance. This proves that even the most athletic of dogs don’t just ‘survive’ on plant based diets but that they can thrive on them. 

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Dogs need protein but there is no evidence that this has to come from meat. The main point is that the protein source is absorbable and has  all 10 essential amino acids. As it happens, studies have shown that plant-based proteins are as highly digestible to dogs as meat-based proteins. 

When we started OMNI we asked people what they thought about the concept of a plant-based diet for dogs. The most common concern was whether such a diet would have enough protein. That’s why we made it a point to ensure omni is protein rich. Our proprietary blend is perfectly balanced and surpasses the minimum protein requirement set out by FEDIAF, the European regulatory body.

In fact, at 30%, omni contains more protein than many meat-based diets on the market.