About Us


Hi, I'm Guy, I'm a small animal veterinarian and I started this company with my friend Shiv because I’ve witnessed first hand the impact that poor nutrition has had on pets and I knew there had to be a better way.


Once we started paying close attention to the pet food that’s currently being offered, all we could see is a huge range of companies offering variations on the same thing: more meat, raw meat, nutritionally enhanced meat, dehydrated meat, frozen meat, meat handmade in kitchens, meat prepared by chefs, meat, meat, meat. 

It makes no sense. People everywhere are cutting down on their meat consumption because they know it has a disastrous effect on the environment, and that there are alternative sources of nutrition that taste good and sustain a great quality of life. So why doesn’t the same apply to our companion animals?


There's nostalgia for the days that dogs were wolves, but dogs are dogs and that’s amazing! Humans and dogs have such a close relationship because we’ve evolved alongside each other for millennia. That means dogs have been eating people food and begging at the tables for scraps for thousands of years, so they absorb nutrients from a full range of sources, like we do. 

(Cats, being cats, and aggressively retaining their independence, haven’t evolved in the same way and as far as we know, remain obligate carnivores. There’s been some exciting developments recently though and we’re keeping tabs on research in this area).


Armed with this new-found perspective, we put our heads together and Guy came up with some plant-powered recipes for dogs that he was sure were nutritionally complete - but just to be safe, we ran them past some industry experts too. (We won't take any risks with your dog's health and happiness - there's no threat of recall from our products.) They gave us the thumbs up and we got started making them straight away.


But plant-powered is just where we begin. We’re investing in research to bring even more alternative protein pet food to the market. Pet health matters to us, and keeping the planet healthy enough for people and pets to thrive matters too. We want the alternative protein market to eclipse the meat market, and we know that providing a full range of proteins will help us get there. That’s why we’re funding research into the safety of fungal proteins for our companion animals, and looking ahead to seeing how we can develop lab-grown meat for our obligate carnivore cat friends. It’s so important we explore every alternative, because there’s so much potential for pet food that is healthy, delicious and good for the planet.