Pet Nutrition Revolution

Delicious food and supplements made ethically by our expert vets to bring your pet lasting health and happiness.

Clean Protein

High quality, cruelty free protein to fuel their everyday lives

Vet Formulated

Optimised to be tasty yet nutritionally balanced and 100% complete.

Cooked Consciously

Slow-cooked and ethically made for a healthier planet and happier pets.

Made In The UK

We are a UK based company that make and manufacture in the UK.

Fuel Their Joy


Revolutionary 1-A-Day supplements that take the fuss away.

Life Stage Diets’

Delicious meals; vet-formulated with plant-based proteins for healthier diets.

Wet Food

Delicious meals; vet-formulated with plant-based proteins for healthier diets.

Real Dogs, Real Results

Rated Excellent: 4.8 Out of 5

Omni is trusted by hundreds of consumers for our vet formulated products and reliable service.

Game Changer

“I love preparing homemade meals for my furry friend, and this supplement has been a game-changer! It takes the guesswork out”

Our Dog’s a Super Fan

“Minnie has been on Omni for a couple of months now, previously she was not a fan of the kibbles. She loves Omni and we love it too.”

A New Dog

“No more anxious barking when we leave the house! She loves taking the supplements and they’re clearly working, very impressed”

Love It!

“My dog prefer this wet food to any other brand on the market, and he is super fussy!”

Noticeable Better

“These joint support chewables Have made a noticeable difference. He's back to wagging his tail on our walks without any signs of discomfort!” - Lydiaa

Talk To A Vet

Use our live chat or appointment booking link to set up a complimentary call with our friendly vet team - we can help you work out your pet’s needs and support you along the journey.

Revolutionary 1-A-Day Supplements

Stress & Anxiety

With calming properties of L-Tryptophan, Passion Flower & L-Theanine.

Irritated Skin

With soothing dermal properties of Beta Glucans & Omega Rich Algae.

Joints & Mobility

With bone and tissue supporting properties of Chondroitin, Glucosamine & Hyaluronic Acid.

Stool Firming

With Pre and Probiotics, Kaolin Toxin Binders and Inulin.

Home Cooking

With fortifying B-vitamins, Choline, Selenium, Taurine & L-Carnitine.

Anal Glands

With alleviating properties of psyllium Husk, Toasted Pumpkin Seeds, & Apple Pectin.


Nutrition Never
Tasted This Good

Our vet founder set up Omni to make healthy
nutrition both tasty and kinder to the planet

Scientifically Tailored Nutrition

Growing Puppies

Give them the best start in life with our puppy specific product range (8 weeks - 1 year)

Adult Explorers

Fuel their everyday adventures with our adult specific product range (1-7 years)

Golden Senior Years

Nourish them into old age with our longevity focused senior range (7 years +)

Sensitive tummies

Support their food sensitivities and allergies without compromising on flavour with our sensitivity range (1 year +)


The Best Decision for Your Pet

As vets, we’ve seen first-hand the level of nutrition-related disease in our pets. 1-in-2 dogs are obese, 1-in-3 will get cancer, while skin and gut issues are soaring. We know eating processed meat and lard increases our risk of getting sick, so why do we feed it to our beloved pets 2 to 3 times a day? At Omni, we’ve swapped these troublesome ingredients for cleaner, more premium, ethical proteins. If you don’t notice the benefits of switching or your dog doesn’t love it, we promise to refund your first order!



Our Vets & Scientists


BVetMed CertVR CertSAO FRCVS As one of our advisors, you’ll find Mike, a small animal clinical nutrition specialist, giving us his advice and technical expertise.


BVM BVS (Hons) BVMedSci (Hons) MRCVS
You’ll often find Billy running our online vet consultations that are available to subscribers and answering any questions you may have!


You’ll often find Miteki coming up with all sorts of creative content ideas and answering any questions you may have!


You’ll often find Sophie creating interesting veterinary information and answering any questions you may have!


Holly is a big vegan advocate and has years of experience helping lots of dogs and cats in need.


Dog Nutrition that Eliminates the
Impact of the Meat Industry


less land


less water


less greenhouse gases



Treat A Rescue

By choosing Omni, you are helping a rescue dog. That’s because, with every happy customer, we donate a bundle of healthy treats to Battersea every month.

0 Trees

Off Set CO²

We’ve partnered with Greenpspark to offset any emissions during making and transport. Moreover, they help us support accredited social and environmental projects.

The Omni Difference


Novel Protein

  • Vet Founded
  • Proven Health Benefits
  • 100% Cruelty Free
  • Planet Friendly
  • Taste Test
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Affordable


Processed Meat

  • Proven Carcinogen For Humans
  • Unhealthy Lard Used For Flavour Enhancement
  • Cheap Animal By Products Used To Make Up Protein Content
  • High Sugar Fillers Typical Like White Rice & Corn


Other Novel protein

  • Lack All Life Stage Specific Diets (Puppy
  • Adult & Senior)
  • No Peer Reviewed Health Benefits
  • No In House Complimentary Vet Consultation Service
  • Lack Meat Like Texture Wet Food


Raw Meat

  • High Risk of Parasites
  • Bacteria Can Spread to Vulnerable People in The Household
  • More Stomach Infections In Dogs
  • Often Not nutritionally Balanced


Fresh Frozen

  • Lots of Plastic
  • Expensive £££
  • Requires Freezer Space
  • Time Needed to Defrost

Game Changer

“My dog is so much more
healthier and happier now”

He thinks they are treats!

“We got these for for our
rescue's itchy skin, he is fussy
so we weren't sure if he would
like theme, but he does!”

Peace in the park

“Much calmer around other
dogs, which has made dog
walks much easier”

We Have Answers

Are novel proteins digestible to dogs?

Studies which have looked at how much protein dogs can absorb from non-meat sources have demonstrated over 75% digestibility which is on par with meat-based foods. When combined properly, these protein sources also contain all 10 essential amino acids that dogs need to thrive.

Is it true dogs on novel protein diets are living longer?

A study reported in the Vet Times in 2023 did indeed find that dogs eating plant-powered diets were living up to 18 months longer than their processed-meat eating counterparts.

Do I really get my money back if my dog does not like Omni?

Yes - we spent a very long time making sure that our food and supplements are not only healthy but absolutely delicious. If you have a fussy dog and your’re concerned they may not like Omni, give us a go and if it doesn’t work out, we will refund you the paid price for the product. For more information please read our terms & conditions, via our website footer.

What do you mean Omni is ‘planet friendly’?

We’ve worked with Climate Partners to show that compared to a traditional meat based diet, Omni is up to 72% more resource efficient in terms of CO2 emissions, land and water use. We also never rely on the slaughter of live stock to produce our products and use recyclable paper bags for our life stage diets.

How do I know what products are best for my dog?

We offer a complimentary vet consultation service to prospective and existing customers. Our highly experienced and friendly vets can help guide you on your pets general health requirements and when appropriate make necessary nutritional and health recommendations.